Luxury travel for half the buck?

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Here I share my personal experience on how to save on your travels!

Life hack #1

The main rule of booking cheap accommodation:

— never book directly from,,, etc.!

Start your booking from the place where all these companies are fighting for the client: Hotelscombined.

  • This cool service helps you find the cheapest offer from all the world’s booking systems (,,, etc.) for free!
  • It also collects information about the prices on the hotels’ site, which sometimes have sales too!
  • If you’re booking through a tour operator you can check the real price of the hotel they’re offering you!

I was pleasantly shocked when I found out that I could save up to 30-50% on hotel bookings!

Life hack #2

When using Hotelscombined always check the prices from different companies (Booking, Hotels, Trip, Agoda, etc.), by clicking on their sites. These clicks are controlled by the companies and it is a signal for them that the client has already seen the rival’s price and usually they then offer you new decreased prices!


Life hack #3

You must get to the booking stage and click “Book now”, but don’t enter your personal information. Leave the site for an hour and come back to check the same hotel again. Often and other sites will offer you a discount to make sure you don’t go off to their rivals!


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